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Title: Successful Treatment of Allergic Conjunctival Granuloma by Topical Tacrolimus: A clinicopathologic Case Report
Author(s): Alireza Foroutan MD 1, Abdolhossein Ghafourian MD 1, Abbas Habibi MD1, Pooria Foroutan MD1, Maryam Ashrafkhorasani , Sayyed Amirpooya Alemzadeh MD1,rama pourmatin MD
Presentation Type: Oral
Subject: Cornea and Refractive
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Name: Rama Pourmatin
Affiliation :(optional) eye research center rassoul akram hospital iran university of medical sciences tehran iran
E mail: Ramapourmatin@gmail.com
Phone: 09122084577
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Purpose: Allergic conjunctival granuloma, is a rare cause of conjunctival ocular lesions. In this article, a successful treatment of allergic conjunctival granuloma with tacrolimus is presented. The aim of this case report was to present a successful treatment of the Allergic conjunctival granulomas with topical tacrolimus.
Methods: A twenty-year-old female, presented with bilateral multiple yellow nodules of the bulbar conjunctiva epithelium was treated by application of Tacrolimus eye drop (0.005%) in her right eye every 6 hour while the left eye was put on placebo and in 6-month follow-up,
Results: After 3 weeks therapy with topical tacrolimus eye drop, patient became asymptomatic in her right eye and conjunctival granulomas fully resolved
Conclusion: Topical tacrolimus seems to be an effective therapeutic option for the treatment of allergic conjunctival granulomas.
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